Friday Walk & Talk brings new opportunity to Employees

Picture this: it’s almost lunch time on Friday, you’re starting to feel worn down from the week, you have a great story to tell your coworker, and you’re searching for that last burst of energy to finish off the day. So you grab another caffeine and sugar loaded frozen latte, frappe, grande, caramel cappuccino drink. Well…what if we told you we have a better solution…

ISU WellBeing is introducing our new Friday Walk & Talks. This weekly walking group will meet on Friday’s at 12:15 for a one mile walk (more or less if you wish) around our picturesque ISU campus. But, let’s not forget the “talk”, you can also enjoy the company of other ISU employees who will “walk with you” and “talk with you” all while relaxing and de-stressing from your everyday hustle and bustle.

So, why is this better than the beverage of choice mentioned above? Because…not only are you being physically active, but you’re enjoying the beautiful views of campus without rushing from one meeting to the next. And, it is an excellent way to connect and network with others and you might even find common interests, such as walking, or bird watching, or chatting about the latest Cyclone football game! All of which, allows you the opportunity to unplug and create a more balanced work life, essential to your wellbeing.

Woo hoo…sounds good, right? It would if we had all the detail, but we don’t yet. Watch for more to come soon and thanks for checking out our blog!

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