NEW Health For Every Body - Pilot program!

9 Feb 2018

Join us for Our Health for Every Body® Program (HFEB) that will support you in making peace with your body and food regardless of your size. The HFEB program is based on the principles of Health At Every Size® and will provide you with an evidence-based approach that develops positive self-care behaviors with a weight neutral focus. The training is a collaborative effort with various departments across campus, including ISU WellBeing, Student Wellness, Recreation Services, Thielen Health Services, the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, and Student Counseling.

If you're tired of programs that focus on weight rather than well-being which typically result in repeated weight loss and regain, the HFEB training may be just what you're looking for. Our new program will help you:

Make the Shift from Weight to Well-being

Develop the skills, tools, and confidence to make the paradigm shift toward a holistic, weight-neutral approach to health in your life.

Put the Philosophy into Practice

Learn practical tools and techniques for applying the Health at Every Size (HAES) philosophy to real-world situations in your everyday with your family members, friends and colleagues.

Foster Personal Growth

Develop new insight into your own thoughts and behaviors around eating, activity and health - and transform the way you see yourself and others

Create Caring, Compassionate and Supportive Environments

Gain the skills and confidence to create, share, and apply this unique, evidence-based philosophy in your home, workplace and community


The HFEB program is a 10-week program, meeting weekly for 75 minutes. These interactive sessions include information, activities, and lots of discussion. Our pilot program starts Thursday, March 1 through Thursday, May 10. Class will be held every Thursday from 9:00 – 10:15 A.M. in the Memorial Union. 

To register:

1. Sign in to Adventure2.

2. Join the "Health For Every Body" challenge by clicking on the "Join Now" button.

3. Watch for the welcome email from ISU WellBeing with details of the first class and to confirm your participation.

NOTE: Adventure2 participants that attend eight of the ten sessions will earn 300 points. Points will be awarded after the completion of the program in early May.

For additional questions, please contact ISU WellBeing at

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