Welcome to ISU WellBeing!

16 Feb 2016

Welcome to the ISU WellBeing website! We are the new location for employee well-being at Iowa State University. Actually, we are more than a new location, we are here to address three concerns you shared with us.  

Welcome to ISU WellBeing!

08 Feb 2016

Welcome to the ISU WellBeing website! We are the home for employee well-being at Iowa State University.

On the site, you will find information on programs and services across campus that support and encourage your well-being. You can even signup for workshops and sessions anytime through the LEARN button on our home page.

Shifting from wellness to well-being

When most people are asked what wellness is, the typical response falls somewhere in the "jogging and broccoli" categories. While physical health is foundational to well-being, it is also limited in fully representing one's well-being. Unfortunately, there is no one perfect model for well-being, but most models used today include the four elements of: mind, body, spirit, and emotions to encompass all aspects of being well. 

Our model of well-being revolves around six main elements:

The answer for ISU then truly lies in the uniqueness of the vision, mission, values and culture of our institution. The model we are using for ISU WellBeing is a hybrid of other models; one that captures the unique dynamics, needs, and opportunities of our university.

As we incorporate this framework for well-being and integrate all the elements, we begin to create the conditions for a culture of well-being. The ISU WellBeing framework is the launch pad to advance ISU’s culture as a great place to work and learn and where every person may bring his/her best self to work and life.

ISU WellBeing Action Plan